Super Intendent's Corner

Howard CarlsonDr. Howard Carlson began his career in the state of Washington where he taught agriculture, science, and math courses at the middle school and high school levels. He earned his B.S. Degree from Washington State University and his Master’s degree from Heritage University. He completed his doctorate at Washington State University in 1997. 

As an administrator, Dr. Carlson has served at the building and central office levels; first becoming a superintendent in 1997. He has served as an assistant superintendent and superintendent in the states of Washington, Minnesota, and now Arizona. Dr. Carlson co-authored a book for new superintendents titled, “So Now You’re the Superintendent,” which was selected by the American Association of School Administrators to be jointly published with Corwin Press.

Dr. Carlson has been recognized as a state and national “Teacher of the Year,” “Administrator of the Year,” and was recently named Wickenburg's “Man of the Year." In 2011, he accepted an appointment by Governor Jan Brewer to serve on the state’s E-Learning Task Force.

Dr. Carlson has four children, all of which are school age and attend WUSD schools. His wife is also a certified teacher, and she currently teaches art and music (including band) at Festival Foothills Elementary School.

Dr. Carlson welcomes your comments and concerns.  You may e-mail him anytime or give him a call at (928) 668-5350.

Current Education Article
Impact of Governor’s Budget on WUSD

I would like to provide a quick update regarding the legislative session and how it will impact the Wickenburg Unified School District (WUSD) if Governor Ducey’s proposed budget is approved by the legislature. I know that there has been a lot of media attention surrounding this issue, and I wanted to make sure everyone understands the local impact.

The governor seeks to cut approximately $169,000 from WUSD in capital funding. If his budget is approved, it means WUSD will have lost 70% of its capital funding since 2009. Capital dollars are used to repair buildings and equipment (a/c, roofs, etc), pay for bus maintenance and repairs, fund technology purchases/repairs, provide software systems (i.e. PowerSchool), and other student needs. We are no different from other Arizona school districts, but this issue has become a health and safety issue for our children, and I feel compelled to inform you of that fact.

Today I ask that you contact our legislators and the governor to inform them how the governor’s budget will impact our local schools and to express your individual feelings regarding this issue. Below is the e-mail contact information for our legislators in both Maricopa and Yavapai counties. Please see the latest state Auditor General’s report on the district showing how prudent we are in the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. 

I appreciate your assistance and welcome any questions which you might have regarding the current legislative session.

Legislator Contacts: