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Super Intendent's Corner

Howard CarlsonDr. Howard Carlson began his career in the state of Washington where he taught agriculture, science, and math courses at the middle school and high school levels. He earned his B.S. Degree from Washington State University and his Master’s degree from Heritage University. He completed his doctorate at Washington State University in 1997. 

As an administrator, Dr. Carlson has served at the building and central office levels; first becoming a superintendent in 1997. He has served as an assistant superintendent and superintendent in the states of Washington, Minnesota, and now Arizona. Dr. Carlson co-authored a book for new superintendents titled, “So Now You’re the Superintendent,” which was selected by the American Association of School Administrators to be jointly published with Corwin Press.

Dr. Carlson has been recognized as a state and national “Teacher of the Year,” “Administrator of the Year,” and was recently named Wickenburg's “Man of the Year." In 2011, he accepted an appointment by Governor Jan Brewer to serve on the state’s E-Learning Task Force.

Dr. Carlson has four children, all of which are school age and attend WUSD schools. His wife is also a certified teacher, and she currently teaches art and music (including band) at Festival Foothills Elementary School.

Dr. Carlson welcomes your comments and concerns.  You may e-mail him anytime or give him a call at (928) 668-5350.

Current Education Article
New WUSD Stewardship Report Now Available

Recently the latest Wickenburg Unified School District (WUSD) stewardship report (covering the 2013-2014 school year) was posted on the school district’s website. The report is always one year behind because the schedule upon which the state makes data available is delayed. The stewardship report is designed to give the community a “snapshot” of how its schools are performing. The report focuses on four key areas (education, personnel, finance, and buildings and grounds) and can be found on the district’s website. Specifically, the report is located under the “About Us” tab and can be found in the section titled “District Information.”

The report is produced on an annual basis and provides an opportunity for the governing board to show its “stewardship” of the community’s financial resources. It also enables the governing board to offer statistical information about the district and highlight the many successes our schools, students, and staff achieve.

From my perspective one of the key components of the report is that WUSD, when compared against its peer group (designated by the state auditor general), ranks high academically while maintaining spending levels in the bottom 30%. This is a firm indicator of the fact that the governing board is an effective steward of the funds which the community provides through overrides and local property taxes.

Much of the data highlighted in the report comes from the state auditor general and can be found online. In each area of the report, where a non-local resource is being used, the exact web address is provided so that the community can go to the originating document.  We believe this provides additional transparency and validity regarding the data which has been highlighted.

In conclusion the governing board is excited to produce this report for the community and to show its stewardship of your tax dollars. I believe you will enjoy reading the report, and I look forward to any comments you might have regarding the information which is provided. As the report is only available on our website if you don’t have access to the internet please come by the district office located on Yavapai Street, or call us to obtain a copy. If you desire to receive a copy via e-mail please e-mail me directly, and I will forward the report to you. Thank you for taking the time read the report and for your ongoing support of the district’s children and schools.